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Bundle: Dual USB 12,000mAh Power Bank with Smart Display with Apple Certified Lightning Cable (4ft) and Ring Phone Stand

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Rapid Charge Dual USB 12000mAh Power Bank with Smart Display

Smart LCD Display: Shake the power bank to light up the hidden display to see the charge level of the power bank.

Convenient Recharging: Recharge using either the supplied micro USB Cable or use your own iPhone Lightning Cable. You do not need to carry multiple cables if you are an iPhone user. When it is time to recharge the power bank, simply connect the power bank to the wall charger using your own lightning cable and recharge it quickly!

Recharge Two Devices at Once: Two USB ports can recharge two devices at once! USB Output 1 can be used to recharge tablets too!

12000mAh Capacity: Large and powerful battery capacity allows you to recharge your iPhone up to 6 times on one power bank charge. Perfect for travellers and those on the go!

Apple Certified Durable Braided Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad (4 Feet)

Compatible with your iPhone and iPad! A better, more durable charging cable with a durable aluminum connector, made with high-durability braided nylon cable jackets for long cable life under heavy use when compared to standard cables.

Phone Grip Ring and Stand

Expertly designed phone stand with 180-degree rotating ability. - Prop up your phone on any flat surface, or wear it like a ring! - Universally compatible with a safe easy grip so you don't have to worry about dropping your phone. - Great for a phone or tablet!