LAX Gadgets Sport Armband and Apple EarPods for iPhone 4/4s/5/6 and iP –

LAX Gadgets Sport Armband and Apple EarPods for iPhone 4/4s/5/6 and iPod Touch

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LAX Gadgets Sports Arm Band - 

LAX Gadgets sport sweat proof armband is the perfect solution to keep you hands free while you working out, exercising, running, biking and doing household chores like cooking, mowing or cleaning, etc. You won't miss calls and messages using this armband. It stays perfectly and comfortably and even keeps your phone dry from accumulated sweat or even a light rain.

  • This durable, lightweight armband case keeps your iPhone secure and protected
  • Easy access to front device buttons
  • Multiple layers of padding offer the best in protection
  • Heavy duty see-through faceplate allows you to view and access your iPhone while still in the pouch
  • Adjustable Armband gives you the versatility of carrying your cell phone in a variety of ways
  • You can run, ride, lift and more without missing a second of your favorite tunes
  • Reflective strip on the front to provide safe. Made from neoprene material
  • Premium Lycra Neoprene is soft and durable to provide comfort and protection that wicks, breathes, dries quickly and is easily wiped clean
  • Built-in hidden key holder to help you minimize carrying extra things
  • Suitable for most exercise: jogging, workout, biking, hiking, canoeing, walking, horseback riding, gardening, golfing, shopping, rollerblading, downhill and Nordic skiing, housework, etc

Apple EarPods - 

  • Feature enhanced, deeper bass tones
  • Features an inline three-button mic
  • Control track playback and answer and end calls
  • Designed for greater sweat and water resistance