LAX Magnetic 6600mAh Power Bank - Portable Wireless Charger for Iphone –

LAX Magnetic 6600mAh Power Bank - Portable Wireless Charger for Iphone/Samsung - USB-A/USB-C Power Bank, Multi-Purpose Fast Charger - Black

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  • MAGNETIC WIRELESS CHARGING: LAX Wireless 6600mAh charger is designed for wireless charging of iPhone 12 & iPhone 13. It adopts a unique magnetic suction wireless charging design, which can be charged as soon as it is pasted, making charging easy.

  • FAST CHARGING: Other than magnetic charging our power bank has USB-A & USB-C ports, so you can charger multiple items at a time

  • Light Weight: LAX wireless power bank is lightweight and easy to carry you can carry it anywhere with you while travelling, office, also stylish to carry into parties.

  • Device Compatibility: Our power bank also has ports from which you can charge most of the devices with the USB port or the USB-C port. Our power bank support fast charging.

  • Share with a friend: Charge three devices at once, so even if you're charging your airpods and smartphone, you can still give your buddy a boost.

    LAX is a leading brand for high-quality accessories! We develop products that meet every day needs through great surge protection, beautiful designs, and intuitive functionality. We deliver long-lasting, modern accessories like power banks, cables, chargers, car mounts, etc. 

    Ultra-Compact Portable Wireless Power Bank, LAX 6600mAh External Battery Pack Charger High Speed for iPhone.With the ultra-high-energy-density battery cells, LAX small portable charger is designed to go anywhere your life goes, effortlessly.A fashionable design for travel, camping, working, and playing without worries. Fast and reliable.