LAX Pro Mini External Battery Backup Charger 10000mAh Portable Power B –

LAX Pro Mini External Battery Backup Charger 10000mAh Portable Power Bank - 2x High-Speed 5V/2A USB Charging Ports – iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android Smart Devices

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Designed with Style and Usability in Mind - Built for Modern Smart Phone Users!
LAX Pro 10000-mAh Portable Charger Battery Backup is stylish and EZ to carry around.
Not Only does it feature a beautiful matte surface, it is so small and compact with a simple curved and lightweight design that will fit anywhere to make it easier to carry around! It's a great device for all fashion buffs out there!

Compatible with Many Different Devices!
Some Chargers nowadays are designed to meet the requirements of specific devices, which can be a disadvantage if you have multiple phones.
But Our Battery Backup Charger is compatible with almost all devices that have a micro USB input. That includes Samsung devices, Google phones, Cameras, GPS, Bluetooth Devices, Headphones, etc.

High Speed Charging Makes Life Easy!
When you hurry, you need things done very quickly.
Lax Pro Portable Charger features an A+ grade battery with High efficiency conversion that charges your phone very quickly and reserves backup for future use.
These Portable Charger takes a very short time to completely charge your phone, to make your life easy.

Perfect for Travelers!
For travelers out there, LAX Pro 10000 is something you might want to invest in.
Because It is One of the smallest power banks out there! you can slip this into your pocket discreetly!
So the next time you pack your things for an outdoor adventure, do not forget to bring this!
Product Features:
✔ High Quality Li-Polymer 10000mAh External Battery
✔ Size of a Credit Card
✔ 2x High-Speed 5V/2A USB Ports
✔ Micro USB Input
✔ PMW Analog Control
✔ Overcharge Protection
✔ Anti-Dirt / Anti Fingerprint Matte Surface
✔ Safe and Fast Charging
✔ Lightweight and Handy
✔ Intelligent Current Shunt

Power up your electronics gadgets, anywhere you go at any time you want.
Order one today to fix your problem of running out of battery suddenly!