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LAX Universal Waterproof 8000mAh portable dual USB solar power bank with LED Light

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Product Features:

Led Light Working Time: Max to 3 to 5 Hours (Full power)
Dual USB Port, Output: DC 5.0V 2.1A (Max), 5.0V 1.0A
Input Voltage/Current: 5 to 5.5V/1000mA
Battery Capacity: 3.7v/8000mAh
Solar PV Panel:5.5V 300mA 1.5W
Solar Conversing Rate: 7 to 10%
It can charge by sunshine or computer or AC power
- This product is a multi-function solar emergency charger with 2 USB port which can Power for two devices simultaneously.
- Meet an emergency: When you go to outside or power cuts, you also can use your mobile phone with solar energy.
- Convenience: Whenever and wherever you are, you can charge your mobile phone in time, and you could talk with others when charging.
- Environment protect, save resource: You can use solar energy to charge your mobile phone wherever and whenever.
- Exquisite workmanship, high-capacity Solar efficient charging
- Multi - voltage mode, extensive support for laptop and mobile digital devices
- Multiple intelligent security protection: over current, over-voltage, overload and short circuit protection
- Compatible Model :Universal

Note: For the first time Use, Please recharge the battery for about 14 hours after you receive it , so that it can activate the battery