LAX Wireless Charging Stand - 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Fast Charging Do –

LAX Wireless Charging Stand - 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Fast Charging Dock Station – Compatible with Apple Watches , Airpods 2/Pro, iPhone (Black)

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  • 3 IN 1 WIRELESS CHARGING STATION: Unlike many other wireless charger, LAX 3-in-1 Wireless charging stand is a TRUE wireless charger for all devices that has the watch charger built in without any trouble to insert Apple Watch charging cable into the charging dock, it supports simultaneous charging for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods

  • MORE USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: SLEEP-FRIENDLY DESIGN with silicone coatings cover. The GREEN LED indicator will flash for 3s if power source is connected, and it will automatically go out after the 20s. Besides that, silicone coatings cover makes this wireless charging dock be electrostatic-proof and makes you have the feelings of touching skin.

  • HIGH-QUALITY WIRELESS CHARGER: Wireless charger does not scratch iPhone/watch/airpods to block the screen or the edges when charging the device. The charging stand hides the watch and AirPods Pro cables, saving you space on your desk. (The charging distance is 0-5mm, please don't wear protective case which is over 5mm thick). 

  • MULTIPLE SMART SAFETY PROTECTIONS: LAX triple fast charging mat uses multiple-devices-charging and non-fixed charging part, LED indicators design (light green LED light for comfortable sleep). Non-slip thread for more efficiently charging. Also multi-protect technology like temperature control, over-current protection, over-voltage protection… make sure your devices wouldn’t be damaged.

  • SLEEK AND STYLISH: The compact design of this wireless charger will look great on your nightstand or home office, and is compatible with most iPhone cases

    LAX is a leading brand for high-quality accessories! We develop products that meet everyday needs through great surge protection, beautiful designs, and intuitive functionality. We deliver long-lasting, modern accessories like power banks, cables, chargers, car mounts, etc. 

    Product Features: 

    3in1 Charging Stand
    Wireless Charger for Apple & Samsung Mobiles
    Wireless Charger for Airpods
    Fast Charging  

    Do you want to take full advantage of the power outlets in your room? LAX Gadgets wireless charging stand will make the job easier for you. It is a3in1 charging stand, which allow you to plug in or charge three gadgets at a time. Moreover, It has different volts for Apple and Samsung mobile phone for Apple phone it gives you 7.5W of power and for Samsung Phone it gives you 10W charging power, For Apple watches it gives 3W and for wireless charging airpods it gives 2.5W.

    Safety Guaranteed:  
    The power outlet extender surge protectors are certified by ETL. It will prevent your gadgets and electrical appliances from short-circuiting and overheating. Therefore, you can use this safe multi-plug outlet extender without any hesitation.