USB-C to USB-A Braided Cable for Smartphones 10 Feet –

USB-C to USB-A Braided Cable for Smartphones 10 Feet

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USB-C to USB-A Braided 10Ft Cable

Cable for Strength and Durability.

Tired of your USB Type-C cable breaking apart at the connectors? Wish you had a longer version, so you could use your device comfortably while it's charging? Replace your short factory cord with the LAX Gadgets 2 in 1 USB Type-C Cable! Use it with your Android Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10 & more Type-C supported smartphones, enjoy the freedom of being able to use your device on the bed or couch while it's plugged in. Thanks to built-in strain relief reinforcements, you can move around easily without worrying about the cable disconnecting from the connector.


Unbreakable Design:

Integrated strain relief reinforcements ensure it won't break at the connectors. The sturdy aluminum connector ensures high conductivity and superior signal transfer.


Compatible with:

Samsung Galaxy Note10+, Note 9, 8, Galaxy s10 plus, s10, s9, s9 plus, s8, s8 plus, Xiaomi readme 8, Note 8, Realme X2, Vivo S1 Pro, OPPO F15, LG G8ThinQ, Google Pixel 4 XL, & more


Long for Comfort and Convenience:

Use your phone or tablet while it charges, even if the outlet is far away. No more dropping the phone or accidentally disconnecting the cable.


Durable Armored Cable:

Instead of plastics or Polycarbonate, LAX Cable uses a unique nylon fiber cloth for its protective cover. Wound tightly around the cord, the high-tensile nylon fiber cloth offers superior strength and a bit of flexibility.