USB-C to USB-C Jelly - Jelly 10ft –

USB-C to USB-C Jelly - Jelly 10ft

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The USB-C to USB-C Jelly Cable offers an innovative solution for your tech accessories. With its 10-foot length, this cable provides extended reach, making it ideal for various environments, from home and office to travel. The jelly-like design adds flexibility, preventing tangling and ensuring long-lasting durability. Capable of supporting fast charging and high-speed data transfer, this cable is perfect for anyone who demands efficiency and style in their tech gear.

Key Features:

Extended Length: 10 feet of cable to ensure you can connect your devices comfortably from a distance.
Jelly Design: Unique jelly construction adds flexibility and prevents tangling, enhancing durability and ease of use.
Fast Charging: Supports fast charging for compatible devices, ensuring your devices power up quickly.
High-Speed Data Transfer: Efficient data transfer speeds to sync your files, photos, and videos quickly.
Universal Compatibility: Works with all USB-C devices, including smartphones, tablet